Coalition SEGA is Starting the Project ”Youth and European Values”

Coalition SEGA is Starting the Project ”Youth and European Values”

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is starting the project "Youth and European Values" which is financially supported by the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia - General Secretariat.

The project started on October 20 this year and will last until June 20 next year.

The project "Youth and European Values" aims to contribute to a developed and sustainable civil society sector that adequately addresses the needs of young people in the Republic of North Macedonia. According to the needs of youth CSOs, the project provides a methodology that encompasses two key segments aimed at strengthening the capacity of youth organizations in the Republic of N. Macedonia to promote European values in line with European trends and practices:

  1. The process of strengthening the capacity of youth organizations in Macedonia to promote the European values of youth
  2. Promotion of European values among young people at local and national level.

The project leader is Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, which is a national platform of youth organizations active in the field of lobbying for changes in youth policies, dedicated to supporting youth activism, improving access to information and participation of young people in activities to address youth issues. their problems. SEGA as a sustainable and developed youth coalition enables young people to believe in themselves, pursue their interests, create and build.

The total funds allocated for the implementation of the project are in the total amount of: 919.860,00 denars, out of which 320.400,00 denars are participation in the Coalition SEGA while 599.460,00 denars are requested from the Program for financing the program activities of the associations and foundations of the Government. of R.N. Macedonia.

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