A Systemic  Solution For Practical Application Of The Legal Regulation And Respect Of Labour Rights Is Necessary

A Systemic Solution For Practical Application Of The Legal Regulation And Respect Of Labour Rights Is Necessary

Today, in the EU InfoCentre, within the National Campaign "365 Labor Rights for Youth" a panel discussion

on the topic "How much are the rights of youth workers respected?" was organized. Representatives of institutions, civil society organizations, business sector and youth discussed about the current situation and trends in respecting workers' rights with a focus on young workers. Meanwhile, at the panel discussion were  presented the findings from the survey -" Are the young people aware of their labor rights".- The situation of young employees in Macedonia is dreadful, that is, the fact of disrespecting their labor rights is worrying. The results of the online survey conducted since January 15 suggest that 75 per cent of the 1,239 respondents believe that labor rights are written only on paper, and 57 per cent are afraid to report any violation for two reasons - in order not to be expelled from work and because all other employees are silent. These facts show that the situation with employed young people in Macedonia is shocking and what needs to be done is a systemic solution that will protect workers' rights.

Thus, employers will be more motivated to open the process and educate future employees regarding their rights which are guaranteed by the law, stated the Executive Director of the Coalition SEGA, Zoran Ilieski. "The State Labor Inspectorate carries out over 30,000 supervisions annually in relation to the exercise of workers' rights in labor relations, safety and health at work. The inspectorate continuously supervises the work and contributes to the improvement of socio-economic parallels in the country. Through this campaign, the State Labor Inspectorate will act upon informing and familiarizing young people with frequent cases that young workers are facing. "- Mr. Alijad Havziu, Director of SLI."The rights of young people are violated, and for that reason, we were committed to implementing the campaign 365 youth rights in partnership with the non-governmental sector and with the institutions. We invite young people to actively participate in labour unions in order to provide greater information and guarantee their labor rights "- said Mr. Blagoja Ralpovski, president of KSS. Panelists at the event were Mr. Alajdin Khavziu, Director of the State Labor Inspectorate; Ms. Aleksandra Dichevska, representative of the Agency for Youth and Sports; Mr. Blagoja Ralkovski, Director of the Confederation of Free Labour Unions of Macedonia; Mr. Emil Krstanovski, National Coordinator of the International Labor Organization in Macedonia; Ms. Aneta Basnarkov, Lawyer; Mr. Marjan Aleksovski, Director of Faculty. mk. From January 1, 2018, the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, through the Youth Information Centers INFO SEGA from Prilep and Kavadarci, in cooperation with Fakulteti.mk and the Confederation of Free Syndicates of Macedonia, launched the National campaign "365 workers' rights for youth". The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among young people about their labor rights which are guaranteed in accordance with the Law on Labor Relations.The campaign "365 workers' rights of youth" is supported by the Program for decentralized cooperation between the region of Normandy and Macedonia, the State Labor Inspectorate and the Agency for Youth and Sports of the Republic of Macedonia.

This event is supported by the International Labor Organization.

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