Questionnaire -Are you Aware of your Labour Rights?

Questionnaire -Are you Aware of your Labour Rights?

Questionnaire-  Are you Aware of your Labour Rghts?

What are you going through during your worktime? Do you use your own break to buy breakfast, do  you stay overtime and you are not being paid for that extra working hours?  Is it uncomfortable to say that you legally have the right to vacation for more than 15 days? In short, how much are you aware of your own labor rights? Your honest answers to the questions that follow will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your contribution

Does your boss respect your labour rights?

Read about the situation with the youth in Macedonia today, their employment opportunities,  the treatment towards them and  the awareness of their rights as workers, through the attitudes of eight panelists who took part in the debate "How much are the rights of youth workers in Macedonia respected", which is part of the national campaign "356 worker rights for youth" organized by  Coalition of youth organizations SEGA in cooperation with the portal on the following links




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