What does it mean to be member organization of SEGA?

As member of SEGA, your organizations becomes part of national platform of youth organizations with 15 years of experience and is assured access to numerious ressources and opportunities. Of the member organizations of SEGA is expected to actively contribute in the work and development of the Coalition.

Who can become member organization of SEGA?

SEGA can accept membership of associations, networks and organizations which:

  • are independent organizations that have own Statute and programme and are registered according to the current legislation
  • majority of its members are young people
  • develop and run youth programmes

What are the responsibilities of the member organizations?

Responsibilities of the member organizations include: regular payment of membership fee; regular communication with the personnel of the central office of SEGA;  to submit information to SEGA on their correct contact details, organizational background including mission and vision of the organization, both in Macedonian and English; receiving and sharing articles, information to other relevant stakeholders on SEGA’s request; contribution to any survey, issue related to the organizational polices, consultations, meetings at Assembly of SEGA or other participation forms organized by SEGA; participation in events organized by SEGA at local and national level; participation in the implementation of SEGA’s programmes; to develop and nurture the reputation of SEGA, etc.

What are the levels of membership in SEGA?

There are two levels of membership in SEGA: full member organizations and associate member organizations.

Full member organizations have the following rights:

  • right to vote and right to participate in decision making in all matters relevant for the work of the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA
  • right their representatives to elect and to be elected in all bodies of SEGA
  • right to participate in the implementation of the programmes and the strategy of the Coalition
  • to develop and nurture the reputation of SEGA
  • to pay membership fee on regular basis

Associate member organizations have right to participate in the work of the Assembly of SEGA with one representative and have right to participate in the discussion and to give proposals without the right to vote. SEGA bodies might occasionally to include representatives of the associate member organizations. Associate member organizations have right to participate in the implementation of the programmes and the strategy of SEGA.

What are the reasons for termination of the membership in SEGA?

Membership in SEGA may terminate due to:

  • losing the legal status of member organization
  • membership withdrawal
  • exclusion from SEGA due to violation of the Statute and/or other rulebooks that will be adopted by SEGA

Why our organization should be member of SEGA?

As member organization of SEGA, your organization:

  • becomes part of national platform of youth organizations dedicated towards creating of positive social changes for improving the overall state of young people in Macedonia
  • access to tools and resources of SEGA that might help your organization to plan, implement, and evaluate events and projects
  • has exclusive right to many opportunities, as protentional financing of activities, visibility, participation in decision making processes and participation in highly profiled events such as conferences, structured dialogue, panel discussions etc.
  • receives regular update on Macedonian and European programmes, founds, and procedures, and has opportunity to receive support and expertise in project cycle management and project implementation
  • receives access to experts and consultants at national and international level, professional networks, consultation agencies, as well as to SEGA’s networks, including membership of SEGA in ALDA and CIVICUS

How our organization can become member of SEGA?

All interested youth organizations and organizations that develop and work on youth programmes my apply for membership in SEGA by submitting the following documents:

  1. Application for membership in the Coalition SEGA
  2. Copy of registration documents and certificates, of the Register of associations and foundations issued by the Court or the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia.
  3. Official decision for accession to membership in SEGA, adopted by the governing bodies of the orgniation
  4. Latest Annual Report of the organization

For more information please contact us on [email protected] or by phone on +389 (0) 48 429 390

Is it possible to change the status of membership?

If an associate member organization is willing to change its status to full member organization, it should submit official request to SEGA. The Assembly of SEGA decides upon this request.

Also, there is possibility a full member organization to change its status to associate member, upon request by the organization itself (according to the same procedure described above) or by decision of SEGA’s Assembly according to the Statute of SEGA.

How member organizations influence decision making and policies of SEGA?

Full member organizations have right to participate in the work of the Assembly of SEGA as superior body of SEGA.

Moreover, representatives of full member organizations have right to be elected as members in the Steering Board of SEGA.

All member organizations can influence the polices of SEGA through surveys, questions related to the organizational polices, consultations, and/or other forms of participation organized by SEGA.

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