ACHIEVE project – Final project results

ACHIEVE project – Final project results

In the period of June 2019 till May 2022, Coalition SEGA was part of the project A.C.H.I.V.E. - Awareness of Common History for Identifying and Extending the Values of Europe.

ACHIEVE aimed to develop the EU identity starting from a reflection on the common history, art and religions among cities from Central and South-Eastern Europe as a tool to fight growing Euroscepticism.

Objectives of the project are to raise awareness to the common memory, history and values of EU countries and to the EU objectives (like peace promotion), its values and the wellbeing of its inhabitants through debates, reflections and networks

Variety of activities were done by partners for encourage civic and democratic participation of citizens at EU level by developing their knowledge on the process of political elaboration of the EU and promoting opportunities of civic, volunteer or intercultural engagement at EU level. Report with project results and achievements you could find on the link below.

Lead applicant of this project is Breganze Municipality (Italy) and partner organizations are: Istituto Rezzara (IT), Association des Agences de la Democratie Locale (FR) , CRLDS - Centre for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development (AL) , RAM Central Stara Planina (BG) , Zavidovici Municipality (BIH), House of National Minorities (CZ) , Erdut Municipality(HR), Peje Municipality (KS), Coalition of youth organizations SEGA (MK), Herceg Novi Municipality (Montenegro), Mioveni Municipality (RO) , Cajetina Municipality (SER) & CEE CN (SK).

The project is co-funded by Europe for citizens programme of the European Union. 



15 Август 2022


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