Coalition Sega Will Apply Youth Development Index in Macedonia

Coalition Sega Will Apply Youth Development Index in Macedonia

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Today, April 4, 2018, in the hotel ARKA in Skopje, the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA officially promotes the Index

for youth development Macedonia within the project "Strengthening youth inclusion in local communities". It is supported by USAID's Citizen Participation Project.Aleksandar Cekov, external consultant, researcher at the Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM), noted that "The Index for Youth Development of Macedonia is a tool that has been developed in order to gather information about the position of the youth within the community in which they live , as well as to identify the challenges they face in order to identify issues of priorities important for young people and on the basis of a reasoned analysis to provide recommendations for their overcoming through the process of creating policies on national level .



In this way, the analysis of the data obtained with this tool will enable young people to actively engage in policy making, as well as in the process of setting the agenda itself to create policies of interest to young people, making the process itself more participative and more sensitive for the needs of young people both locally and nationally. Furthermore, since the Index is developed on the basis of the Global Youth Development Index (supported by the Commonwealth), it allows  comparability of the results, which in turn provides the opportunity to apply good practices in addressing youth issues that are fueled by the analysis of the data obtained from the Index ".