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"Децата имаат право да кажат што мислат. Кога возрасните носат одлуки кои ги засегаат, децата имаат право нивните мислења да се земаат предвид."
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Implementation of the National Youth Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia

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The programme “Implementation of the National Youth Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia” started with the implementation during the first half of 2010 with the establishment of the Working Group – Body for monitoring the implementation of the NYS, composed of 5 members (representatives of the Ministries of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Coalition SEGA and the Agency for youth and sport) which are responsible for the monitoring of the implementation of the NYS priorities.

The focus of our acting during the first half of 2011 will be appointed to lobbying for increasing the number of the working group members, aiming to involve representatives of all relevant ministries responsible for the implementation of the Action Plan for the Implementation of NYS. In order to achieve this already at the first meeting of the working group for monitoring the implementation of the NYS it will be discussed for expanding the group to 12 – 15 members. At the same meeting the matrix for monitoring the National Youth Strategy for the Youth Participation priority will be presented.

The working group will be responsible for coordination and implementation of the monitoring system in 2011 and 2012.

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