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"Образованието треба целосно да го развие карактерот и талентите на детето. Тоа треба да ги поттикнува децата да ги почитуваат своите родители, својата култура како и другите култури."
Член 29, Конвенција за правата на детето









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The project "Youth information centers fit to NEET" is implemented by the Coalition SEGA with partners from Croatia - UMKI and Poland - EPI within the Erasmus + program, and will work on an innovative approach in identifying youth information models that will fit to the needs of the NEET group (NEET - a group of young people who are no longer in education system, who do not work and are not trained to look for job). Learning of the experiences of different European countries will be crucial in delivering the innovative outputs of this project. The overall aim of the project is to: Increase quality of youth work in addressing needs of NEETs in Europe. Through the project partners will strive to achieve the specific objective of the project to: Introduce innovative tailored youth information approach for active inclusion of NEETs in the society.

The main outcome of the project is to engage Youth Information Centers for improving employment, especially for young people in the NEET situation and prevent early school leaving, as well as preventing young people from becoming NEETs. All this will be achieved through:

- Enhanced access to youth information in the status of NEET by piloting a new innovative and individually tailored approach to youth information in Macedonia, Croatia and Poland;

- Identified and addressed needs of young people in the situation of NEET for their active inclusion in the society;

- Youth workers will be trained with knowledge and skills, through a specific methodology for youth information and career information.

The main results of the project with a direct impact on the primary target group would be:

- Evaluation needs report of  the situation and major obstacles for young people in the NEET situation, and examining different models of youth information

- Methodology for innovative and individually tailored youth information for NEETs

- Methodology for conducting web training for ToT of youth workers as multipliers of the innovative youth information approach

- ToT Webinar as a tool for building the capacity of youth workers in Europe in providing information and working with young people in the NEET situation.

The project is funded and supported by the National agency for educational programs and mobility in Republic of Macedonia within Erasmus + program and is implemented in the period from 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2018.

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