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"Децата имаат право на квалитетна здравствена заштита, здрава храна и чиста животна средина."
Член 24, Конвенција за правата на детето








Center for Education and Development - Tearce

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address: Old achool building - 1224 Tearce
telphone: 070 838 148
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
web: www.ced.org.mk




Young people in Tearce have skills, knowledge, and attitudes to take on initiatives and build a healthy and developed community where different ethnicities peacefully coexist.


CED invests in young people’s development through non-formal education, volunteerism and youth work fostering creative initiatives and mutual collaboration.

Centre for Education and Development (CED) is a nongovernmental organization that works in region of Lower Pollog region since December 2006. Organization has as a target group of young people aged 12 to 28 years, while for achieving its goals in youth activities includes young people, teachers, parents, heads of leading institutions and different other organizations. Having in mind its mission, CED strives on investing on the youth population through non formal education, youth work and volunteerism, aiming that all of these to encourage creative initiatives for building healthy and developed environment and coexistence between all the citizens.

Organization has identified and works on five strategic directions for action: education, ecology, intercultural learning, organizational development, sport and youth work, while for their realization is based on the three values: cooperation, education and equality. All the projects until now were successful by the professional access of the organization and the trained staff hired (involved) for leading the project.

As main activities during the implementation of the projects were: keeping workshops and seminars, training for youth, implementation of national and international exchanges, implementation of conferences, debates, camping, book promotion, brochures, photo exhibitions etc..

Organization consists from members and activities which belongs to all nationalities who lives in the region of municipality of Tearce, but also wider in the country, aiming to contribute for higher development of democracy and civil society, strengthening trust between different groups, including of youth in different ecologic, cultural and educational activities. Through different formal and non-formal action networks, activities of the organization are conducted in territory of Macedonia but also in Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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