Volunteer / Inspire

Volunteer / Inspire

Within 15 years of its existence, Coalition SEGA conducted the National Campaign "VOLUNTEER for the good of its community! INSPIRE the youth around you!"

The campaign aimed to improve the surrounding environment for volunteering in our country. The campaign and the planned activities influenced the raising of awareness among young people about volunteering through their involvement in specific local volunteer actions.

The campaign included online and offline activities. All information about the campaign and the implemented activities were shared online.
The online activities were also intended for the promotion of the member organizations of the Coalition SEGA where articles were posted weekly on the SEGA website with a short summary of the members.

Realized activities

Local discussions with young people

Local discussions with young people were conducted on the topic "Challenges of practicing community volunteering", in order to gather basic information on volunteering at the local level. Local discussions took place in Prilep, Skopje, Stip, Kavadarci and Tetovo.

Conference "Challenges of practicing community volunteering"

On June 21, 2019, at the TCC Grand Plaza Hotel in Skopje, a Conference "Challenges of practicing volunteerism in the community" was held. Within the project, the Youth Development Index tool was designed to collect information on the position of young people within the community in which they live, as well as to identify the challenges they face. One of the key findings from the Youth Development Index Report for 2018 was the lack of volunteer engagement of young people aged 15-29, which indicates the need to improve measures to encourage volunteering in the community.

Info days

Info days were organized in the city center where the main goal was to promote the campaign, as well as to share with local youth about the opportunities for volunteering, how to get involved in volunteer actions, what are the benefits of volunteering and what it means for them to be a volunteer. At the same time, a list was set up for young people interested in enrolling in the Book of Volunteers.

Educational workshops 

The educational workshops that were held aimed at encouraging and motivating young people to volunteer through active young volunteers from organizations that shared their experiences.

Volunteer actions

Actions for cleaning or arranging a school yard from a local primary or secondary school. A large number of local youth were involved in local volunteering.

From the implementation of these volunteer actions, the local volunteers prepared a video with the message "Volunteer for the good of your community, Inspire the youth around you!". The video was shared on social networks and on the websites of partner organizations.

The campaign worked to improve the environment for volunteering in our country. At the same time, the young people were informed about the opportunities for volunteering, were educated about the importance of volunteering in the local communities and were part of a volunteer action at the local level. 

The campaign "Volunteer for the good of your community, Inspire the youth around you!" was implemented with financial support from the Decentralized Cooperation Program between the region of Normandy and the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Coalition SEGA.

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