Youth Entrepreneurs Club

Youth Entrepreneurs Club

Start: 01-02-2015 - End: 31-01-2016
Project Reference: 2014-2-MK01-KA105-000226
EU Grant: 20730 EUR

The Group EVS project entitled “Youth Entrepreneurs Club” was a long-term volunteering project involving 3 volunteers from France in local youth work activities in Prilep, Macedonia for a period of 12 month starting in February 2015. The volunteers were actively involved in developing the new service “Youth Entrepreneurs Club” within the Youth Information and Counseling center INFO SEGA. The YIC INFO SEGA is a project from Coalition SEGA and it is devoted to inform, educate and counsel young people about various possibilities available for youth (studying abroad, scholarships, volunteering, trainings and seminars, events, information for employment, and etc) through providing a direct and on-line contact with youth. 

The Youth Entrepreneurs Club was a meeting point for all young people who are interested in providing easier placement for them in the labor market, gather information about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning, social entrepreneurship, developing an entrepreneurial project, etc. It was service for youth in the YIC and it was supported by a group of local volunteers and EVS volunteers. This club become link between the local volunteers and the EVS volunteers coming from different EU countries to talk about ideas and share experiences. With this club, we supported unemployed young people and young entrepreneurs by giving them useful information. In the club, the future young entrepreneurs had the possibility to inform, talk about ideas and opportunities and share experiences or ideas. Also it was very important experienced people to join in this project, people who tried hard and succeeded. It was a big motivation for the young people to listen the experience from the experts. 

There were many types of activities where the volunteers were involved such as sharing information, promotions to the other young people about YEC, running workshops for local young people, researches and surveys, conversations and meetings with local youth, local politicians and authorities, also meetings with the local experts and on-line meetings with experts and politicians from the countries where the volunteers come from etc. Also, the youth included in this club manage the part of the web page named EVS INFO SEGA on which they shared information and ideas. 

There was open space for the volunteers to implement their ideas to improve the quality of the project and encourage more and more youngsters to be active in the services delivered by them. During these experiences the volunteers as well as the youngsters had inter-cultural learning in order to have a better understanding in each other culture.


30 November 2018


Youth Employment , Youth Information, Erasmus +